IRODORI performance information

In this performance, you can enjoy Japanese kimono and traditional music.
So please come and enjoy the show.
How to Apply:
In the pamphlet, please write your name and send it to the given address
Or give it to the person who recommended you this event. We also accept
documents by FAX (03-5726-0198).

There is a limit to the number of seats so please apply ASAP.

If you need tickets, will be 3000 yen each.

The place of performance is Kyurian Small Hall @ Oimachi Station (Tokyu Oimachi Line, JR Keihin Tohoku Line, Rinkai Line)
2 minutes walk from Oimachi Station.

The hall opens at 6pm, starts at 6:30pm, and ends at 8pm.

How to enjoy the performance:

 1st Act 
1. Dancers dance along with chorus line at Broad Way music
2. Saya/Gymnopedie Pianist and Movement of a Small Ballerina
3. Rachmaninov performance by a pianist as well as Jazz. Please relax while listening to these.

Please take a picture at the lobby and enjoy drinks
 2nd Act 
1. Summer Festival - Dance along with Taiko Drums. Please enjoy. In Japan we wear traditional clothes and dance, using Yo Yo, Japanese fan, Den-De Taiko and Japanese masks.
2. Autumn - In this phase, feel the coming of Autumn as the trees become more red. Japanese people especially love this scene. Enjoy the Japanese folklore and Syamisen (Japanese traditional musical instrument)
3. Winter - In Japan where snow falls, there are many tales that is to do with snow. One of them is called Snow Woman.
Enjoy the fantasy that you see inside the snow through the pure sound of the Japanese musical instruments.
A man falls in love with a woman, but she is the Snow Woman
4. Spring - It is said that Spring is the most beautiful time of the year in Japan. Cherry Blossoms flourish and the entire city becomes pink.
Enjoy the beautiful and soft sound of Koto (Japanese traditional musical instrument).
Like the color of the Cherry Blossom, small dancers as well as dancers who wear kimonos will invite you to the world of Spring.

~End of Performance~

We consider Japanese traditional music and kimono to be important. We would like to continue to introduce them to you.
It will be very fortunate if you can feel the beauty of Japanese traditional instruments as well as having interests towards Japanese traditional clothes.

We would like to perform in the receptions and parties where many foreigners gather.
Let us introduce Japanese culture and music.

We will arrange the contents by your request.

We are looking forward to meeting you.
best regards,

                             Taeko Usukura

2010年10月18日 01:38